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Countries with Higher Scholarship Opportunities for Students | 2019-2020

Higher education is a luxury which most students cannot afford.  Despite the option of availing student loans, most students are unable to stabilize their finances enough to enroll in higher educational institutions. As a result of this, various countries have devised scholarship opportunities, which are both need-based and merit-based. Students can thoroughly review the eligibility […]

When And How To Use Comma In Your Essays

Writing is not just about stringing the words together to form interesting sentences that may even, at the end of the day, add up to meaning something worth reading. In academic writing, in particular, a lot of care has to be taken about the formalities that good writing includes. One of the most important of […]

How To Make Your Quotation Count

Is quoting turning out to be quite complicated? You don’t know how to quote and how to integrate the quote in your writing. Well, this is simpler than it looks, there are two tricks to ensuring that your quote is well made with grace and efficiency. One basic rule of making a quotation is simple; […]

10 Ways to Write Plagiarism Free Papers

Plagiarism is an unwitting part of academic writing. You are expected to read a lot of material and then reproduce it in a way that makes new sense of a lot of, basically, old information. That can become complicated when you have to cite a lot of unusual resources and also often at times. So […]