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What Is The Point Of School Uniforms ?

Earlier, two of our colleagues had a pretty intense debate on whether or not uniforms are a good thing for school culture. This debate, though, redirected to the war in Afghanistan (we still didn’t know how) but it did make us wonder: what’s the point of school uniforms anyway? For years, people have been clashing […]

Four Engaging Ways To Start Your Essay With A Bang!

Did you know that over 10% of college students death in the United States is caused by media influence and anorexia nervosa? Well, this is one of the examples of many ways to begin your essay. The above example consists of a shocking fact that is surely going to grab your readers’ attention. But the […]

Definitive Guide: How To Be A Professional Essay Writer

Essays, Assignments, Academic projects!! These words are enough to haunt students during their entire time at college. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, the dreadful assignments are destined to creep into your schedule one way or another. So, instead of thinking millions of ways to avoid them, it’s better to adopt effective […]

Definitive Guide: Top Five Ways To Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

When we say, assignments, projects and essays, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Tiring all-nighters with a dreadful-looking word count to accomplish! Assignments are inevitable! No matter how hard you try to avoid them, they always seek their way to you one way or another. So, even if you try to […]

Five Essential Editing Tips To Make Your Essay Exceptional

For some students, the thought of putting together a lengthy piece of dissertation or essays is enough to send them into the realm of despair. After exhausting their brain for connecting arguments and researching, they don’t tend to spend a single extra minute on their paper and just want to get rid of it ASAP! […]

Five Ways To Improve Your Essay Writing Vocabulary

A writer always strives to look for words to best express their thoughts, emotions and feelings. And after finding that perfect word, they are finally being able to scratch that itch that was bothering them for a while-so utterly satisfying right? Whether you’re a student or a professional writer, being able to express the thoughts […]

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How To Get Past The Hurdle Of Boring Essay

Essay writing is one of the most intellectually demanding tasks modern students are expected to do – as it requires great eloquence from a candidate, thorough research and sufficient time to finish the write-up. All of which is a nightmare, in comparison to all the exceedingly interesting distractions imposed upon students by the advancements of […]

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Fastest Ways To Make Money In High School

The lure of money is far too tempting at a young age and it is true that just the pocket money, one gets from home, is insufficient to cover the expenses of adventurous youth. This urges most students to get a part-time job unwillingly. However, a part-time job pays minimum wages and often ends up […]

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5 Essential Ingredients Every Essay Needs

Essay writing – the modern-day platform to outline the eloquence and intellectual intelligence of an individual. Hence, the undeniable inclination of today’s education systems towards the thesis, dissertation, essays, and all other forms of write-ups to express the academic understanding of a candidate. Unfortunately, the skill of projecting one’s views on a canvas as wide […]

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7 Skills Which Can Help You Become an Influential Entrepreneur

Any individual can become influential when they integrate a certain set of skills which can elevate their personality. Having an influential personality is essential for entrepreneurs as it can allow them to carry out their business in an effective manner. The skills required to become an entrepreneur have evolved. In the current day, the amalgamation […]