How To Make Your Quotation Count


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How To Make Your Quotation Count

Is quoting turning out to be quite complicated? You don’t know how to quote and how to integrate the quote in your writing. Well, this is simpler than it looks, there are two tricks to ensuring that your quote is well made with grace and efficiency.

One basic rule of making a quotation is simple; always build up to the quotation. Quotations are supposed to be introduced and then taken into the context and recreated as a part of the work that you are creating. The quotation has to become a normal part of the sentence and has to be taken in fluidly in reading.

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Fit in: So you are quoting a sentence in your own sentence and you need to incorporate it in to your sentence as a phrase fluidly. One common mistake that people tend to make is that they quote a huge chunk to ensure that background information is included in the quote. That is not how it works; you need to paraphrase and summarise the background to the ‘key phrase’ in your own words and then fluidly bring in the phrase that is relevant to your sentence. Focus on getting your background out of the way before you start placing your quote.
  • Context: Context is important, mainly because your instructors may be has your source right in front of them. They can open it up and see the actual context themselves. They will, then, write a three line explanation about how your interpretation of the quote was misdirected and you will feel really terrible about trying to outsmart them. Also, misinterpreting a quote will probably make your paper dubious and low in quality, not that it matters though!
  • Length Boosting: Quotations are not there to fill in your word count and they are not supposed to help you reach the three thousand word mark. Rephrasing your quote and incorporating it in your text with background information will also do that trick. But do not write a ten lines quote with extra indentation. It looks good in published articles; it will look lousy in your academic paper. It’s very rare that a long quote is well justified. And it is never ever well justified twice in one paper. So even if you do find yourself placing a long quote in your paper, don’t do it twice in the same paper.

Quotations are hard to place as they are by default, very close to plagiarism. When all the academia constantly wages war against using someone else’s ideas without giving them credit; here we are, copy pasting another writer’s content into our own paper. This is by default a rather thin line. But if done right, quotations can be a great stepping stone for all to understand the importance of the source that you are using in your reference. Write My Custom Essay is a premium academic content writing team in UK. Give us a call now!

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