When And How To Use Comma In Your Essays


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When And How To Use Comma In Your Essays

Writing is not just about stringing the words together to form interesting sentences that may even, at the end of the day, add up to meaning something worth reading. In academic writing, in particular, a lot of care has to be taken about the formalities that good writing includes. One of the most important of these formalities is the inclusion of proper punctuation marks that will really make your work, and your sentences stand out. From amongst all the punctuation marks present, no one can deny that importance that the simple comma holds in the work that is being written.

Understanding The Need For Punctuating Sentences

What is even more important to understand here is that, besides just being very simple rules to understand and follow, punctuating your sentences helps give the words more meaning. Proper use of punctuation also means that the writer is incorporating all the elements of writing out a truly excellent essay and that is why, any student working along these lines is sure to be able to put up a great piece of writing. Using commas in particular, at the right time and place is especially beneficial. Here is why:

  • Commas can be used to link up different parts of a sentence

Example: Water levels in dams rise, and water levels in dams also fall.

  • To show any contextual words or introductory phrases before beginning the sentence

Example: In spite of her efforts, Jane found it hard to concentrate on her work with all the racket going on outside.

  • It can help, especially if the writer wishes to add some extra information at the end of the sentence

Example: Nineteenth century use of grammar was idealised and went by the rules, rather than be inspired by applied observations.

  • Commas can also be used to imply any idea or even to showcase an example or bring forward the ideas of different argumentative points into the sentence

Example: In conclusion, the impact recorded was negative.

  • Commas can also be used to add in the famous ‘asides’ or extra comments that fictional writers, in particular, are so fond of adding

Example: All genres of academic writing are going a period of reformation, and it is likely going to continue for some time, because of the introduction of new forms of technology.

  • Commas can be used in different forms of address as well, such as in the names of places

Example: Canada, the United States of America and Britain all have only a few things in common.

  • Commas can be used to distinguish some important element of a sentence, one that is completely unique, from the rest of the phrase

Example: Lilith often mentioned her late brother, Jeremiah, on family occasions.

  • Commas are used to distinguish between different items on a list

Example: A proper research study should be influential, exciting and well researched.

  • Commas, in a sentence, can be used to highlight quotations

Example: King Robert declared, “I will go to war this day next week!”

That said, commas can still, no matter how hard you try, be very difficult punctuation marks to understand and work with. That is where a little professional help goes a long way. So why not contact Write My Custom Essay for expert services?