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Top 10 Funny Yet Interesting Speech Topics

Written projects are never just about written work alone, there is a lot more involved here. For instance, students have to make sure that they present their learning arc in all parts of the written work. Even more importantly, essays are usually accompanied by students having to give presentations along with the written work when […]

Student’s Guide For Stress-Free Halloween

While it is true that, for most of you reading this blog, Halloween is no longer about dressing up, eating candy or going trick and treating, there are also a million, adult dress up parties that you have been invited to and which you would love to attend. Written, academic homework however, is the actual, […]

How To Make Your Quotation Count

Is quoting turning out to be quite complicated? You don’t know how to quote and how to integrate the quote in your writing. Well, this is simpler than it looks, there are two tricks to ensuring that your quote is well made with grace and efficiency. One basic rule of making a quotation is simple; […]

10 Ways to Write Plagiarism Free Papers

Plagiarism is an unwitting part of academic writing. You are expected to read a lot of material and then reproduce it in a way that makes new sense of a lot of, basically, old information. That can become complicated when you have to cite a lot of unusual resources and also often at times. So […]