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Five Ways To Improve Your Essay Writing Vocabulary

A writer always strives to look for words to best express their thoughts, emotions and feelings. And after finding that perfect word, they are finally being able to scratch that itch that was bothering them for a while-so utterly satisfying right?

Whether you’re a student or a professional writer, being able to express the thoughts into correct words has a considerable contribution to your productivity. Yet, the average person’s vocabulary seems to be on the declining trend. And that’s saddening!

Students are required to develop a good knowledge of vocabulary to demonstrate better their opinions and perceptions that are understandable to others. Vocabulary is one of the most crucial tools in the writer’s toolbox that makes their writing more effective and powerful. The correct use of words reflects your command over the language and helps you deliver what’s exactly on your mind.

If students develop an ability to demonstrate their understanding and expertise through their written pieces, the teachers would be more likely to perceive them as a mature and highly-potential writer. It goes without saying that the more you stock words in your dictionary, the more you will be able to convey your thoughts efficiently.

Using vague words and sentences often deflect the essence of what you’re trying to convey, so it’s better to have extended knowledge of vocabulary to best describe your work in a more accurate manner.

When writing an essay, you are required to use words that best capture your thoughts and emotions. And having an arsenal full of new words will make it much easier to convey your thoughts! After all, words are the ultimate weapon to capture the hearts of your readers and show them who’s in command, right?

So, without further ado, let’s dive into effective ways to enhance vocabulary.

1. Perceive words like your toys, just play with them!

One of the effective ways to boost your vocabulary is by playing word games. Learning new words doesn’t have to be like another boring-cram session, but you can make the process more fun and lively! Word games help to strengthen your command over the language and makes you familiar with new words and language possibilities. So, start digging through newspapers and try solving those New York Times crossword puzzles. You can also refer to online word search games; these are not only addictive but also makes you learn new words each time you play the game.

2. Make a personal dictionary

Jack is considered as one of the best writers in a writing company! His expertise is his exceptionally-well usage of words and phrases. He mentioned that he developed his skills through his craze about the movies. Well, this may sound absurd but what he actually does is that he maintains his separate dictionary. He has a habit of writing down every new word he sees or heard so that he can use it later in his writings. Smart move indeed! You can also do the same!
Go a little old school and purchase a notebook, where you can jot down the list of words regularly. If you are tech-savvy, then your smartphone embedded notebook would also be a useful tool where you can periodically update the list of new words, whenever you read, see or hear them in your daily life. Go through it once while you start writing anything new.

3. Read, read and READ!

Once you graduate from high-school, the word exercises and reading tasks become old school, and you no longer have any interest in reading anything apart from your academic books! While reading is the essential exercise to have a command over the English language when you’re young, it doesn’t mean that you should ditch reading entirely. Develop a habit of reading anything that interests you, either it’s a romantic novel or a newspaper or a blog section of your favorite website, whatever floats your boat, just read! It’s an excellent way to get familiar with a variety of new words and expand the arsenal of your word stock!

4. Revise every new word you come across

It’s an old cliché that practice is the mother of learning! Well, it’s right! By practice, we actually mean “revising” new words and then “practice” them into your writing. The human brain works in a manner where it requires constant exposure to new words to strengthen its meaning. While it’s essential to get to know new words and expand your vocabulary knowledge, it’s also necessary to revise every word to make the most out of your learning experience. What’s the point of learning a new word, when you’re going to forget it anyway! The best way to remember each word is through constant revision and practice. In this way, you will get used to using such words in your everyday writing tasks and always be on the top of your vocabulary game.

5. Use “word a day” application

These apps are literally far better than the old flip-a-page notebooks. These apps not only provide you with a new word every day but also tell you how to pronounce a particular word correctly. Such applications are simply god sent, as they allow you to make your personalized digital dictionary so you can have access whenever you want at the tip of your fingers.

You can also share your personalized lists to your friends or other users or can get benefited with others as well. You can also set up a reminder or a notification to check out the latest words in the lists. Download these apps in your iOS or Android devices, and get benefitted daily. If you’re a kind of person who works according to the set goals, then these apps are just the right thing to download!

Now you know all the tips and tricks of enhancing your vocabulary knowledge, you’re all set to use perfect words and conquer the hearts of your readers. If you’re still struggling with the words and having a hard time putting together an essay, then don’t worry! Just say write my essay online to any of the writing services to get your essay done within the deadline.


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