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Ultimate Guide How To Write a History Essay

The history course comprises widespread information on a particular subject matter. The information displayed in the essays written in this field must be comprehensible, accurate and chronologically reliable. On that account, the struggle with writing a history essay arises due to the lack of reliable sources which can be consulted to gather data.

Furthermore, as there is a vast amount of information present, it is extremely difficult to single out a particular angle to tackle the subject matter. The following guide provides in-depth advice to educate you on writing a history essay:

  • Understand the essays’ objective: Before starting the essay, it is extremely crucial to understand what is required from the topic. This way, you can narrow down the topic and creatively come up with an angle to write the essay. At this stage, you can gather inspiration for the thesis statement.
    To analyse the topic thoroughly, you are required to read the inquired question attentively. You can further type the topic into your preferred search engine and read sample papers on the subject. As a result of this, you will be able to identify the material that is required by the topic.
  • Carry out research preparation: Before carrying out the actual research, the history essay obligates you to enumerate the areas you need to research on. You can brainstorm ideas, create subdivisions and prioritise them in terms of their relevance. This step will save you time when you research the essay.
  • Research conduction: The research conduction stage in the history essay is the most crucial. You are required to elaborate upon ideas by educating yourself on their origin and impact of ideas. It is further essential to thoroughly investigate the subject matter and create a record of the timeline. You are recommended to consult multiple sources to write an essay which is valid, as well as reliable.
  • Frame a thesis statement: Based on your research, you are required to frame a thesis statement which will be the central theme of your essay. To write a thesis statement, use the ideas gathered at the brainstorming stage, and create a concise one-liner to demonstrate their discussion in the upcoming paragraphs.
  • Inculcate supporting evidence: In a history essay, it is mandatory to include relevant details to support your arguments. To make this stage easier for yourself, you are required to maintain a record of the sources you have consulted to gather data. The references can then be interlinked with the essay using adding in-text citations and a field of bibliography.
    In this particular course, you are required to add factual data and verifiable dates. As a history essay has made it obligatory for students to include evidence, it is recommended to add references which are both complimentary, as well as contradictory, to your argument. In the case of the latter, it is vital for you to build your argument in a manner that shows that the corroborating arguments overpower the contradiction.
  • Follow the standard structure: When writing a history essay, it is extremely vital for you to follow the traditional essay structure. This pattern comprises an introductory paragraph following by a body and a conclusion. The central theme of the introduction is to provide a background on the topic and insert a thesis statement for the essay. The body paragraphs are segmented to discuss each argument integrated into the paper. The content of these paragraphs may vary in length. However, it is vital to make sure that each paragraph is connected using a transitional statement. Lastly, the conclusion of the history essay offers a summarised discussion of the inserted events.
  • Use formal language: The rules of formality language should be followed in all areas of academic. However, in case of a history essay, it is vital for you to pay meticulous attention to the language utilised in writing. You are required to write in the simple past tense, and stick to referring to the past. It is further required for you to avoid the use of qualifying terminologies such as, “Possibly,” “seems to be” “may” and “potentially.” The use of these terms indicates the infirmity of the stated argument.
    Additionally, it is recommended for you to avoid the use of the term “I” in writing. This adds to the informality of the paper. The excessive use of passive voice should further be avoided. Rather than framing the essay in passive speech, alternate the sentences to be displayed in the active voice.

The initial attempt to write a history essay may prove to be difficult. Therefore, you can take essay help from the preferred essay writing service and learn from the example of professional writers.

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