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Importance of A Good Paragraph Writing

Most students obsess over the hardship of writing an essay. However, what most forget is that an essay is an interlinked piece of multiple paragraphs that serve to outline one main idea on the whole. It is, therefore, impossible for a candidate to produce a perfectly sound essay without perfecting every subunit of it, aka every paragraph.

One may be able to produce excellent paragraphs in the first half of the write-up while the other half is not as intellectually strong. This, unfortunately, will undermine the initial quality of the write-up as well, and lower the grading of it, on the whole.

Hence, it is better if students start perfecting their para writing skills instead of trying to better the essay itself.

Components of a paragraph

It is extremely important to understand what a paragraph consists of, as most candidates are unaware of the specifications of it, especially in academic write-ups. Alternatively, even if it is a custom essay that a candidate is writing outside of academic reigns, it is still beneficial to follow the below-mentioned rules – as they help prevent a candidate from waffling or wandering off into unnecessary tangents.

Moreover, the more a candidate knows about essay writing, the better it is, as it is a substantial part of the academic assessment in higher education. So, a candidate should know more than just this that an essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  1. Topic sentence: Most students write this part inattentively. However, a great many of them miss this part which is an utterly unacceptable thing. This is because the topic sentence should connect the writing of the whole paragraph to a summary of it, in the topic sentence. So, make sure to outline your main idea in the topic sentence; nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Supporting point for a topic sentence or evidence: It is unnecessary for a candidate to over fabricate the topic sentence as the main idea outlined in the topic sentence needs to be elaborated in the following sentences. This can also be done with the help of a quote or statistic – as one can state that their main idea can be proven with the help of the evidence provided.
  3. Explanation and Zooming in: The main part of a paragraph is where a candidate provides an in-depth explanation of their topic sentence and evidence. This in-depth analysis of the evidence is done by writing personal interpretations, of the evidence or supporting points. Lack of personal responses renders the expository middle of a paragraph useless – as it suggests that the candidate does not know what they are talking about.
  4. Summarising idea, specific to the topic sentence only: It is extremely important to include a summary sentence of what conclusion you draw from your very own arguments raised. Without it, it may not be clear to the examiner; why you raised all those points in the first place.

Although many may think, they are already following the criteria mentioned above, it is not certain that all their paragraphs are covering it. Thus, it is important that on completion, a candidate must go through their write-up and check if they have explained all points necessary or not. Otherwise, it may well be the only thing keeping that candidate from achieving the A grade that they deserve.







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