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How to Write a Good Opening Sentence of an Essay?

Traditionally, the introduction of an essay communicates the thesis statement, intention, and the scope of the content so that it can ultimately hook the reader and extricate interest within them. Customarily “Today I will speak about…” or “I would like to begin this essay by…” are the two most commonly observed sentences utilised at the beginning of conventional essays.

However, these sentences are stereotypic and overworked; thus, they do not generate the same charm as intended to. Therefore, it is recommended that students develop creative and unique ways to articulate and draw out a well-rounded, effective, and intricately written introductory paragraph.

Students often underestimate the impact and the need for originating a well-crafted, sophisticated, precise, and informative introduction as they don’t understand the significance of writing a good beginning. As a consequence, they suffer academically and lose out on essential marks. However, sometimes students recognise this mistake and take the alternative option of hiring a professional writer of the best essay writing service available on the internet to generate an impactful introduction for them. They avail this measure to compensate for their inadequate academic expertise. Furthermore, these writers are highly qualified and experienced which further assures their skill level and credibility.

Hence, to write an impressive and efficacious introduction, you must follow the tricks discussed below.

  • Begin by formulating fascinating and innovative questions: You may begin your academic piece by generating interesting questions that inquire the knowledge of the readers regarding the subject or topic that you’re discussing. This way, you’re allowing the readers to invest in what you’re trying to convey. You can even answer the queries in the next sentence to keep the impact strong because by lingering it further, the reader might lose interest.
  • State an interesting fact: Another way to grab the attention of the reader is by stating enticing and captivating facts which might stimulate the readers. Hence, you should never miss a chance to inform the reader about enriching information.
  • Present counter-arguments in a creative manner: You may begin the introductory paragraph by presenting opposing views regarding the topic. This is a perfect hook for an argumentative piece as it will in a way communicate the thesis statement as well. Moreover, you can even phrase two different believes with the ambition to prove a personal opinion.
  • Write about an interesting experience or memory: It is observed that various students choose to start an essay by narrating a memorable experience that stimulated them on a spiritual level. This trick is extremely effective as you can even describe a humorous incident.
  • Give a historical present tense: Conventionally, students pick historical information and incorporate it at the beginning of their essay to differentiate between the past and future. This tip is articulated well if you’re writing a reflective or an argumentative essay.
  • Open with a joke or quotation: There’s nothing more eccentric than a joke or a riveting quotation by a known personality. Hence, if you’re out of ideas, this might do the trick.

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