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Four Engaging Ways To Start Your Essay With A Bang!

Did you know that over 10% of college students death in the United States is caused by media influence and anorexia nervosa?

Well, this is one of the examples of many ways to begin your essay. The above example consists of a shocking fact that is surely going to grab your readers’ attention. But the thing is, facts don’t usually work all the time. Flooding your essay with so many facts and figures could make it look boring. So you have to play the facts-game smartly; we will tell you how later in this blog.

Apart from that, there are many creative ways to begin your essay with. Since you’re here and looking for creative and engaging ways to write an essay introduction, it means that you’re fully aware of how important an introduction is for a writing piece. We applaud your efforts!

Your introduction determines whether your writing is really worth a read. Your introduction needs to be catchy, creative and contains the gist of the topic you’re going to explain in the rest of your essay. Use your introduction as a fishing rod to catch your reader’s eyes (not literally, of course).

While writing an introduction, assume yourself a salesman going door-to-door to sell the products. Ask yourself a question what would a salesman do? He introduces the product to the potential customer, explains to them the important features that could possibly grab their interest and tries to persuade them into buying this product. You have to do exactly the same but with your writing!

The legend says, never underestimate the power of introduction! Only the introduction can help attain the desired amount of traction on your blog. Well, we can go and on to explain the importance of an introduction, so let’s just skip that and instead focus on the main point: “what are the creative ways to start an essay?”

Thanks to our brilliant creative team, we have gathered ten smart and engaging ways to start your essay with a bang:

1. Begins with a story

There is no denying that human beings love stories! We have grown up listening to fairy tales and we loved every bit of it. Anything explained to us in a narrative format intrigued us the most than things that are being told in a straightaway manner. So the narrative approach can be effective to grab the readers’ attention, but that too depends on how you write it and whether you will be able to connect your topic with it. A good introductory story followed by stats is an effective way to make your readers hooked at the beginning.

The narrative approach allows you to delay your topic revelation. Don’t reveal your topic instantly; instead, tell them a story as it will allow you to put off introducing your subject just long enough to catch your readers’ interest without frustrating them.

2. Make use of the historical present tense!

One of the effective approaches to starting an essay is to use the historical present tense. Narrate an incident from the past using historical present tense as it was happening in the present.
For example: “It was a bright summer evening in 1956. My Uncle, a chubby and cheerful man with subversive wit and a beautiful pair of eyes, is trying to make a decision which of his eleven children he will take with him to the countryside trip. My aunty, of course, will not go. She is exhausted from getting all of her children ready…”

You can use the same approach for starting your essay. If your topic is about Nazi’s atrocities over Jews during World War 2, you can use historical present tense to tell a story of a Jew girl/boy who is about to get discovered by the Nazis. With this approach, your introduction will no longer be a narration but an actuality that can help bring out the real emotions from your readers.

3. Reveal something shocking or make a casual conversation

This is another way of beginning a creative essay. Readers usually have an urge to know the secrets or something that they haven’t learnt or read before. They crave gossips and controversies, so why not giving them just that.

For example, “I spy on my patients! Every doctor gets frustrated when their patients don’t abide by their diet plans. And I feel the same way, so I often spy on my patients, standing in doorways of the hospital to see what they are eating and doing. I want to treat them better, but some hostile patients make this incredibly difficult for me.”

4. Open with a meme, joke or a humorous quotation

Well, starting your essay with a quote is quite a mainstream approach. It has been used so many times that it is no longer remain original. If you really want to use a quotation anyway, then why not adding a humorous edge to it? Humor can do wonders! You can use a joke, meme or a riddle to reveal the subject of your essay. But this approach is only limited to light and general topics. Like you can’t use a joke for starting a World War 2 essay. But if you have a good sense of humor or can make dark jokes to highlight the seriousness of the situation, you’re more than welcome! Again, it all depends on how you write it and the way you connect it with your topic.

For example: “Q: What did Eve say to Adam on being expelled from the Garden of Eden? Answer: I think we’re in a time of transition.” The irony of this joke is not lost as we begin a new century and anxieties about social change seem rife. The implication of this message, covering the first of many periods of transition, is that change is normal; there is, in fact, no era or society in which change is not a permanent feature of the social landscape…”

That’s all for now… we hope that the above ideas may help you in starting your essay. If you need more assistance regarding this, feel free to contact our writers and they will be happy to assist you. Just say write my essay for me and they will be there at your service!



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