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Definitive Guide: How To Be A Professional Essay Writer

Essays, Assignments, Academic projects!!

These words are enough to haunt students during their entire time at college. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, the dreadful assignments are destined to creep into your schedule one way or another. So, instead of thinking millions of ways to avoid them, it’s better to adopt effective tactics to manage academic assignments like a pro!!

Speaking of assignments, most students usually have a strong aversion to essay writing tasks. Writing an essay is a tiring, monotonous and exhausting process, especially when you have a huge word count requirement to accomplish. While some students find the process amusing and enlightening, others just spend hours looking for ways to complete the word count limit.

Academic essays are established on a factual discussion revolving around various political and social topics, aiming to enlighten the readers and persuade them into taking a certain action. Hence, it requires exceptional research and analytical skills to develop convincing arguments. Students who lack such basic skills would have a hard time composing a compelling essay.

Whether someone likes it or not, essay writing is a crucial requirement for completing any educational program. Even the popular wordsmiths find themselves in immense pressure when given with the task of putting together an exceptional lengthy essay. Well, there’s no need to fret!

What if we provide you with ways to tackle your essay writing tasks like a professional writer?
Yes! In this article, we have gathered a few handy tips for becoming a professional essay writer. Follow the following steps and get familiar with all the correct tools and skills for creating a masterpiece!

1. Stop procrastinating

Writing an essay is a thoughtful process that requires days of efforts and research to put together accurate information with compelling arguments. This is not something which can be done overnight! In case you’re wondering about being an ostrich and burying your head in the sand, believing it will go away, but you know it’s not going to happen! Procrastination is a huge inhibitor that serves as an obstacle to complete the task on time, so stop putting off things and get them started!

2. Analyze the essay question

Ever happened when you’re in the midst of the essay and realize that you’re completely off track and not really following what has been asked in the question? This is because students usually pay more attention to the word count requirement and less on the topic that has been assigned to them. When starting with the essay process, the first thing professional essay writers do is to analyze the question. You should analyze and identify what the topic is all about? Are you supposed to write an expository or argumentative essay? Did your instructor ask to explain a certain concept? Make sure to get all these questions answered before diving into the writing stage.

3. Don’t skip brainstorming

Once you’re done analyzing the essay question, the next important step is to start brainstorming. We know you might find this process a bit cliché; however, the old methods sometimes turn out to be effective. List all the relevant ideas onto the paper and map out how you’re going to lay your arguments.
If your instructor assigned you a pretty vague topic like global warming, then you can’t really cover all the things in a few paragraphs. However, if you choose a topic like “the factors influencing global warming” will help you narrow down your arguments to make it precise and more specific.

4. Research your topic extensively

Going on rambling about the same concepts repeatedly in the body of your essay, is a pretty bad approach to fill in space. Such practice demonstrates your inability to establish detailed information, arguments or examples.

Therefore, you’re required to do extensive research about the topic and collect all the relevant information from authentic sources beforehand. Professional essay writers pay special attention to the research stage as the success of any essay depends on how well it is researched and articulated.

How to identify if the collected sources are authentic and worthy of being featured in your paper?

● Refer to authentic and recognized research journals only.
● Online websites can also be relevant, but make sure to double-check if they are authentic.
● Be considerate about the information collected online, as everything that exists on the internet is not necessarily true.
● Use Sci-Hub or Google Scholar for collecting reliable research material.

5. Find a way of working that suits you best!

Even those who usually excelled at written assignments sometimes divert from the topic from time to time, but working in an environment that best suits your personality can be effective. If you’re struggling to work for straight hours on the same thing, then try working in short intervals. If you find it convenient to work in the company of others, then try and organize a study group with your friends and get going with your essay.

You can also consider rewarding yourself after achieving a certain benchmark. Why not treat yourself with McDonalds or a bunch of chocolates after completing every thousand words? Keeping your eyes on the price will help you get going with the project and keep you motivated.

If you keep on following the above-mentioned tips and adjusting your schedule accordingly, then congratulations! You are already en route to becoming a professional essay writer! Well done!



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