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Deep Analysis Of the Future of Big Data and Data Science

The amount of structured and unstructured data has been vastly growing. Research shows that by the year 2020, around 1.7 megabytes of novel data would be generated each second for every individual on earth.

Considering the large numbers, the mannerism to collect, store and update data must also be refined and augmented to keep up with the aggregated records.

Data science refers to the art of extracting information for raw, structured and unstructured data. The process involves scientific methods, including data inference, algorithm development, and technology.

Big data, on the other hand, is a generously large amount of data, which cannot be processed through an existing application. Big data is often used in financial and retail services to determine anomalies in the pattern or to solve a particular problem.

The preceding methods of data processing are predicted to grow drastically in the upcoming years. The field experts have made the ensuing predictions:


Big Data

Spark will replace the traditional SQL

With the growth of data, the traditional method involving SQL would be replaced with Spark, which is an upcoming tool for data analysis. Fundamentally, Spark has been predicted to grow in its field.

The reliance on analysts will decrease

The human dependency concerned with data analysation is expected to experience a demise. Companies, including the likes of Microsoft and Salesforce, are aiming to create application programs which can empower non-coders to create applications to view business data.

Prescriptive analyses will be integrated with business analytics software

According to the IDC, half of business analytics software will hold the intelligence required to carry out a prescriptive analysis by the year 2020.

Real-time streaming will be made available

With the introduction to new programs such as Spark and Kafka, the users will be able to review the data and make a decision on its basis in real-time.

Machine learning will become a vital element

For data prediction and prescriptive analysis, machine learning will be a crucial element in the upcoming years.

There will be a huge implementation of privacy laws

The most recent predictions believe that new privacy regulation by the European Union will be implemented. Thus, the companies would be required to keep a strong check on their privacy control and regulations.

Job opportunities for CDO will increase

It is predicted that more and more companies will employ CDO or Chief Data Office to handle their business. However, many organisations will not see the need for this position.

Autonomous agents will be frequently used

All signs point to the increasing trend concerning autonomous agents, including robots, autonomous vehicles, virtual personal assistants, and smart advisers.

The field will have more jobs to offer

With the growing amount of data, the field would open its doors to data analysts, architects, along with the experts in the field of data management.

Big data would replace the first data and actionable data

As big data is relatively better for businesses, it is expected that most large-scale companies would shift to using big data.


Data Science


New data will become the basis for complex data science algorithms

With data growing at a swift rate, there will be intelligent advancements in the field of data science. The new data will set out the foundation for new data science models.

 The contribution of social media

Currently, the key source of data is social media applications, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Currently, five billion videos are posted on YouTube each day. This rate is further expected to grow in the future.

Additionally, many of the web-based businesses, including “do my essay” services, online retail centres and other large-scale businesses have launched web-content and blogs to increase their exposure on the internet.

The increase in data on the internet has allowed feeding more information to the machine learning technology, which can ultimately augment its precision and accuracy. Additionally, the heaps of data will further search for places where its application is required, thus increasing the demand for data science.

The preceding analyses have determined that the rate of data will grow drastically in the upcoming years; this will grow more opportunities for data scientist and will further create more jobs in organisations shifting to Big data.

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