5 Great Tools For Project Based Learning


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5 Great Tools For Project Based Learning

From rote learning to understanding before rote learning right down to researching and then project based learning, education has come a long way over the years. The idea in all educational institutions today is not so much to only grade students as it is to help them understand and learn those relevant skills that will enable them to do well in the future, then whether they are going to continue their studies or move on to the task of getting themselves a job and entering the professional world.

Given that this is the case, here are some of the best tools that could be used, both in the classroom as well as by students on their own, to enhance project based learning for students:

  • Using Mindmeister

Mindmeister is a free app that can easily be downloaded on the iOS as well as Android platforms. The best part about this app is that, once downloaded onto your device, it becomes an easy matter to use it to give your project that impetus to help start it off. The tool itself, Mindmeister, is a great way for even a team of students to collaboratively brainstorm their joint project!

  • Creating with Glogster

This free app, available on the iOS App Store is a great way for students to create posters, digitally, that can be used to highlight parts of a student’s research, or even as a sort of ‘preemptive’ tool that can be used to creatively put together ideas as well as anything that a student needs to get done before the start of any project. That is not it either. Creativity is the essence of this particular tool and it is for this reason that it can be used in myriad ways to make a project more fun and excitingly different.

  • Trying out the magic of Myhistro

Where do blogging, videos, pictures Google Earth and Maps come together? On Myhistro of course! This free app, available on the App Store is a great, not to mention extremely versatile, way for students to work together on multimedia projects such as presentations for their Social Sciences or History and Geography work where teams of students are expected to collaborate and work together.

  • Story time with Pixton

Everyone knows how stories need to get really creative to impress the examiners completely. So how about using the Pixton app, a web-based, comic-building tool that can become a really fun way to create an excellent story. Granted it costs $39.95, but just think of how much you could benefit from spending that small sum of money!

  • Reeldirector now making a video!

Another paid app, although this one costs less than $2 on the App Store, the Reeldirector is a video making tool with really advanced options. Enjoy the fun of recording and then seamlessly putting together various clips to create a really great video you can watch, enjoy and learn from.

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